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Mary & Colin, Wimborne

"Liz helped me before, during and after the birth of my son Timothy. I am so glad that I had her support and would have found the experience so much harder without her. She is very caring and understanding, and very easy to talk to. She has a huge amount of experience with children and babies, and has been an incredible help to my family. Liz is very loving and caring with my baby and I felt very comfortable leaving him with her when he was only a few days old. My four year old twins absolutely love her and Liz is extremely good when playing with and supervising them. Liz fits into our home and family so easily. I would recommend her 100% to anyone."


Kate & Pete, Fordingbridge

''I was first introduced to Liz when my twin girls were just 5 weeks old.  I knew I wanted (and needed) some help to manage the constant demands of newborn twins but I didn’t really know what type of help I needed.  In fact, that lack of being able to define the role had prevented me from securing help prior to the birth of my children.  Liz’s flexibility (both in terms of time and approach)  meant I could employ her services immediately and then work with her week by week to get the best out of the relationship. A perfect solution. Liz has a natural, kind and playful approach with children.  I felt very relaxed leaving my girls with her right from the start.  Liz not only brings to bear her professional experience of working with children, but also her real hands-on experience of raising five children of her own (including twins). This meant I could call upon a wealth of knowledge whilst knowing Liz understood how I felt because she had been there herself.  This gave me growing confidence in my ability as a mum."


Rosie & Tony, Mudeford

"A huge heartfelt thankyou for all that you have done for us. We couldnt of have survived the first few difficult weeks without you! You are going to be very much missed by the babies and I. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou''


Ezter & Norbert, Bournemouth

"I felt so reassured and relaxed as soon as Liz entered our delievery suite. It was so nice to see a familar face. She supported me throughout the birth process and I was so glad to have her with me. We can't thank Liz enough for all the things she did for our family, and we look forward to our baby daughter growing up to know Liz."


Lizzie & Andy, Ringwood

''I couldn't have got through the first couple of months without Liz.  One of my new born twins was very small which made me very anxious and Liz was there to reassure and support me.  With my 15 month old little girl Penny too, life was very busy but I could absolutely rely on Liz whether it was to entertain Penny, soothe the twins, take them all out while I got much needed sleep, keep on top of running the house or just to hold the box of tissues while I had a good sob - Liz was there!  Kind, very encouraging and a love of babies second only to a mum, Liz became a guiding companion to me and I hope a life long friend now.''


Rachel & Jonathan, Lilliput

"We were introduced to Liz when our twins were still only a few days old and she quickly became an essential part of our first experience of parenthood. The demands of newborn twins were initially quite daunting, but Liz's extensive experience coupled with her compassionate nature ensured we had practical and emotional support which helped us through the first few months. Her enthusiasm and warmth were infectious and when she was with the family we were re-assured and able to cope with whatever problems arose, ultimatelymaking it a much more enjoyable experience."