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As your Postnatal Doula I can offer emotional and practical support in your home, for the first few weeks after delievery as you adjust to the demands of parenthood at what can sometimes be a very daunting, extremely challenging and incredibly tiring time.


Every family has different requirements and as a consequence, no two postnatal jobs are the same, which is why I love it! My role is tailored to suit your specific needs.


The things I can do for you include;


- Giving you the gift of time - for you to spend with your partner, your baby, your other children or simply on your own.

- Taking care of baby

- Breast feeding support / preparing bottles

- Helping with siblings

- Sharing experiences & information

- Helping you to establish successful routines

- Providing a listening ear and all round support!


If you have had twins or a difficult birth - you might need additional help with lifting, feeding and caring for your babies - and that's why I'm here!


I am empathetic, sensitive and supportive and "my aim is to leave you feeling happy, rested and confident."

Postnatal Doula